The Chinese Chicago Boys and Girls Working Group

The Chinese Chicago Boys and Girls Working Group (CCBG-WG) consists of Chinese social scientists from the Department of Economics, Department of Political Science, the Booth School of Business, the Harris School of Public Policy, Law School, and other related institutions at the University of Chicago.

The working group’s general purpose is to promote interdisciplinary discussions and idea exchanges among Chinese scholars on social science research, with a potential application to China. The group’s name derives from Chicago Boys, a group of Chilean economists who were under tutelage of Milton Friedman and took significant posts in the Chilean government to contribute to the economy. Our long-run aim is to contribute to the Chinese economic and social development, through research, policies, and practices. As a first step, the group strives to push forth the boundaries of modern economic theory and applications.

The working group’s main activity is the weekly research lunch seminar held since the beginning of Fall Quarter in 2013. During the weekly seminars held on Saturday in the Economics Department, students, scholars and researchers present their working papers and works in progress, in areas including but not limited to microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance, political science, and business research. All levels of works were welcomed, from preliminary ideas, work in progress to working papers and forthcoming papers. Currently Euler Capital, a company founded by a core member and a graduate student in economics, Binbin Deng, generously sponsors the weekly caterings. As of March 2014, the Google Group, a restricted mailing list, is composed of 45 members, and around 15 members regularly attend the seminars.

Aside from the weekly seminars, many economic and social activities have taken place. For example, Yifun Lin, then Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of the World Bank, and formerly a “Chinese Chicago Boy”, paid a visit to the core members of the working group in January 2012 at U Chicago Prof. Lin also happily endorsed the name “CCBG”.

Oct 16, 2014 meeting

Nov 6, 2014 meeting